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The Windybrow Theatre
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Windybrow was built by one of the early South African mining engineers, Theodore Reunert in 1896 as a family home. It has since served many purposes including being a nurses home.

The Windybrow was declared a national monument in 1996. Its history as an arts centre spans almost 20 years, at first as a traditional theatre complex, reflective of the programming policies and cultural aesthetics of the period. In 1993 the Windybrow took bold steps to transform itself into a cultural centre consistent with the ethos of the new democratic order. (Source: Windybrow 2003/4 Annual Report)

On 1 April 2005 the Windybrow was declared a Cultural Institution by the Department of Arts and Culture. The year before and after declaration was a very difficult period for the Windybrow and the institution struggled under trying conditions.

On 1 November 2005, the Windybrow began a process to improve every aspect of the organization and to develop a sustainable strategy. This process was a success and culminated in the re-launch of the Windybrow on 4 May 2006.

African Exchange

A key feature of our strategy and brand is that we recognise the huge artistic value of exchange between Afrikan performing artists and institutions. We believe that the Windybrow is ideally located physically and historically to facilitate such a process on a sustainable basis.

  • Our objectives on this front are:
  • To establish lasting links with performing artists and institutions from Afrika by visiting them and hosting them;
  • To produce productions from other parts of Afrika;
  • To host seminars that support Afrikan exchange;
  • To make the Windybrow accessible to rental productions from other parts of Afrika;
  • To make the Windybrow's development programmes available to artists and aspiring artists from other other parts of Afrika.
It is important to note that South Africa is part of Afrika; which means that our artistic and development programmes also contain much that one could also label South African.

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